Welcome to the State-of-the-art Center for Hair Restoration in Antalya. We Diagnose and Treat Hair Loss in Men and Women Using the Most Advanced Technologies.

Sophisticated Treatments For Men and Women

If you are here, you are probably looking for a solution for your hair problems. You may want to restore your hair or you struggle with excessive hair loss. You may want to grow beard or thicker and good shaped eyebrows. These are only few services that we have been providing for the years in Antalya. We always provide sophisticated hair restoration techniques and approaches which is only available in our hair center. Your inquires are checked by our leading sector hair experts personelly and provide you right treatment to get optimum result.
We are pleased to offer hair treatments for both men and women in our center with full satisfaction guaranteed!
Why Us?

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Our Aim Is Natural Looking and High Density in One Session.


Procedures Are Always Hassle-free in Our Center. We Commit Ourselves to Patients from Starting Airport Through End of Procedure.
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2-Day Schedule

1. Day (Surgery Day) – Duration Time: 6+ Hours
We will bring you our hospital and our expert will have consultation with you before starting the procedure. After that, we will do some preparation and start. The procedure takes arround 6-8 hours depending on your baldness level. Since we implant maximum graft number, the duration time can be longer. When the procedure is completed, we will take you back to hotel again.
No need to stay at hospital.

2. Day (Checking): - Duration Time: 30-60 Minutes
We will bring you again our hospital for removing small bandage from your donor zone. We will check recipient and donor area. Also we will give you post-op care kit and instruct you.
Today you can get back home! or you may stay more in Antalya to explore new gems!

All Inclusive

As a standard, we are offering all inclusive packages which has following facilities:
  • Unlimited Graft Implant
  • Free Accommodation
  • Transfers (Airport-Hotel and Hospital)
  • PRP Session
  • Interpretor
  • All Medications and Post - Op Care Kit

*We can provide more facilities on demand.

All Inclusive hair transplant

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If you would like schedule a call back or have an question, please fill form the below. Our medical team will call you back respecting your GMT.
You don’t have to undergo procedure with us, we would love to answer all your questions!