About Us

We Are International Hair Restoration Center Which Provide Solutions Based on Diagnostic and Scientific

Hair loss, Receding, thinning, balding, no matter how you phrase it, losing your hair can be one of the most deflating and defeating experiences to one’s self confidence. It limits your lifestyle, makes you feel older, and makes you scramble for solutions.

Unfortunately, many consider hair transplantation to be the last resort in their quest to have their hair back. And after trying everything from miracle creams to hair pieces-and spending thousands of dollars in the process-what they realize is that the last resort offered the best result all along.

Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution to male and female hair loss. And we are renowned hair center in Turkey and providing the finest, most natural looking results.

We have very wide range hair restoration techniques which are Choi Pen(as known DHI), Manual Punch Extraction, Sapphire Incision, Special Graft Preservation System and more…

We Have the Best Medical Environment in Antalya

We provide the service with best medical envoriment and latest hair restoration technology. We have designed our envoriments and services by following international medical ethic rules. When patients comes from abroad, we commit ourselves to patients from starting airport through end of procedure. Our communication also continue when they retrun their home. Our dedicated “Post-op Procedure” team will follow you up until you get result. You won’t have only great hair treatment experince here also lifetime medical hair buddy!