Do Hair Transplants Last Forever?

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Nowadays, many people are searching for the answer of this question: Do hair transplants last forever? If you are one of those people, you will find the answer in a few minutes.

Let’s talk about hair first,  hair is like an accessory of human body. It makes people feel more handsome or beautiful most of the time. However some people are not lucky enough to have hair in their whole lives. Especially the men! They may loose hair because of their age or just becuse of genetic reasons. That’s why the medical world had been searching for a solution and finally they came up with a perfect one: hair transplant. This is a surgical technique which enables your body to grow hair again, after a hair loss. The basic action is to transfer the hair follicles from the donor part and implant them to the recepient part. Donor parts are resistant to be bald like the back of head, chest or leg. Recipient parts are the bald parts. This method is called  FUE.

Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Good news: yes. Hair transplant may last forever. Since the donor parts are resistant to balding, new hair is also resistant. Unfortunately there are some exceptions. First of all, there is a shock loss which is seen after surgery. This may happen but you can avoid it by following your doctor’s advices. So don’t be afraid. However, if you have any health problems after hair transplant, you may lose your hair again. This health problems may be cancer treatment, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Specialists claim that overstress may also trigger hair loss. Losing 50-100 hair each day is accepted as normal. It also should be kept in mind that one single hair has a lifespan about 5 years.