Do I Have to Shave My Head For a Hair Transplant?

shaven hair

There are some concerns for  pre hair transplant patients as  if they have to shave their hair for the hair transplant procedure.   Normally answer is  yes.   In classic FUE technique,   hair is shaven  before the procedure  due to efficient incision creation.

Patients  Already having a less hair than others are enough for to be ashamed; added to it carrying a shaved head may cause a trauma for them. Hanging out and going to work can be a torture  with shaved hair.  Just for this reason, a lot of patient decides not to perform this surgery. But by the technological progression in hair transplantation allows surgeons performing hair procedure without shaving.
This technique called as DHI and it is applied by using  CHOI implanter pen tool.
This pen is used for to insert the instructed hair follicles taken from the donor area by the help of local anesthesia.
The recovery period can be  very short  for all the patients. They can achieve  a natural looked hair afterwards.
But if a patient suffers from a very big loss of hair, then this method may not be ideal.

The Differences From Other Techniques

First of all this technique is suitable for those who have not lost a very large area of their hair.  The level of hair loss is the main criteria for this technique.
Also the technique, requires more effort  and takes longer than classic one so  it can cost a little bit more than  than the classic technique.
The recovery can be achieved after in 7 days. The Final  result  can be seen after 6 months.