Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of hair transplant?

Hair transplant costs are changes according to baldness type and patients situations. Some situation requires more advanced techniques and efforts that is why costs are vary. You can send your pictures by using  free consultation form. We will review your pictures and send you full assetments regarding your hair procedure. Most important thing is for us to deliver you good job and make you happy! Don’t worry hair transplant prices  are not expensive in Hair Antalya. Let’s talk about first how can we make you happy…

Is Hair Transplant Procedure Painfull?

The hair transplant procedure is performed under local anethesia and before starting the procedure,  anesthetic drug is injected into scalp. The aim is  providing patients pain-pree procedure. According to patients feedback, there is only small discomfort while injecting because of anestetic drug.  When the area numbs,  you won’t feel any pain at all.    Also as Hair Antalya,  we have pain-free injection tool that fully solves even the small discomfort.
No, Hair Transplant is not painfull procedure  and even it is pain-free in Hair Antalya!

Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

Yes It is. Hair transplant result is lasting because we use hair follicles that have resistance to fall out. The follicles are coded genetically like that and this feature makes hair transplants result permanent. Of course also how hair transplant procedure is performed play a big part for that. Extracting, preserving and implanting grafts must be done right.

Do Hair Transplants Leave Scars?

When FUE is invented, scar is not a word anymore. In the begining
of hair transplant procedure, FUT method was using and it was leaving linear scar on donor zone. But now FUE method is used widely and that does not leave any scar. However if you don’t undergo hair procedure in experienced places also FUE can leaves scar on donor zone because of inappropriate graft extraction.
Hair Antalya is using FUE method and also we have other extraction methods that we are using depeding on patients donor coundition. The riched options makes us more flexible than any other hair centres in Turkey. Even we fixes FUT scar with our advanced techniques.

Do I have to shave my head?

Thanks to new hair transplant techniques, you don’t have to shave your hair for hair transplant procedure.  This technique as known also as U-FUE (unshaven).  We are offering this technique in Hair Antalya as opitonal. This is great solution for people who has hesitate to shave their hair also for women.

When Can I Return to Work ?

Well, it depends on what work you do.  If you are working in office not heavy job like construction, you can return work after 2-3 days.   If you have an opportunity to  being off about 4-5 days would be good.
Keeping your mind, hair transplant is not 100% surgical procedure. There is not stitches nor bandage that you will carry for days.

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