Female Pattern Hair Loss

female hair loss

What Is Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Female pattern hair loss is a condition that occurs in women who suffer from androgenic alopecia. Affecting up to forty percent of women by age 50, it begins with patients noticing a thinning of their hair, along with obvious signs of shedding, such as more hair fall in the shower, in their hairbrush, and on their pillow when they wake up in the morning.
Unlike men who suffer from male pattern hair loss, the signs and symptoms in women are more pronounced. Where men will notice thinning in certain areas of their scalp such as temples and crown, women with female-pattern hair loss will notice hair thinning all over their scalp with more loss occurring on the top of the head, causing a widening of the center hair part.

The one piece of good news about female pattern hair loss is that rarely if ever does it lead to complete baldness as it does for men.

Causes Of Female Pattern Hair Loss

There are several contributing causes of female pattern hair loss:

Some amount of hair loss is natural as we age, whether we are male or female.

Hormonal changes can lead to female pattern hair loss. For women, especially those who are going through or who have already experienced menopause, the likelihood of experiencing hair loss is much greater. In particular, changes in androgen levels (male hormones such as DHT) are responsible for not only hair loss on a woman’s head, but increased and coarser hair on other parts of her body.


If someone else in your family such as your mother, father or grandmother suffered from female pattern hair loss, you are more likely to develop the condition yourself.

It is normal to shed between 25 and 100 telogen hairs each and every day.

Hair Transplant For Women

Female pattern hair loss can be a traumatic experience for any woman to go through. Unfortunately, none of us has control over whether or not we will experience this in our lifetime. The good news is that there are treatment options available, including a hair transplant.

Ludwig Scale – Hair Loss Patterns

The Ludwig Scale can be used to categorize typical hair loss patterns in women.