Hair Transplants For African-American Hair

afro hair type

Do hair transplants work for African-American hair?  It is the question that we need to discuss. It is a common issue among for people who have afro hair  type and if hair transplant treatments are suitable for them or not.   Well, actually there is nothing which would stop African-American people from hair restoration.   It is a well known fact that hair transplant procedure is common among every hair types.  However, there are some differences of transplant procedure  for African-American hair is quite available.    But it needs to be done by an expert who is well-educated and experienced about the kind of hair types.

What is Different Process Of Hair Transplant?

We have answered the question of “do hair transplants work for African-American hair?” and figured out that it works. So, the next step is to find a proper clinic who works with especially afro hair.  Every ethnic nationality requires some differences during treatment process. For example, African-American people have curly hair.   So, this particular factor causes a huge importance during the treatment the hair is curved to a C shape. While  the graft is being extract, the expert must be really careful as well as while implanting them into scalp. Some experts even  claim that, being African- American is not a disadvantage but something beneficial.  The reason behind it is you can get more coverage with less number of graft.

What Are The Requirements ?

In addition to the question of “do hair transplants work for African-American hair?” , there is an other important question: What are the requirements for this process? As every ethnic differences African-American fashion also create some diversities. For instance, it is a well-known fact that usually African-American people are keen on models with the sharp edges on the forehead. So, If an African-American would like to have hair transplants, the only thing to do  determining  hair line and leave rest of things to surgeon!