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The Best Way To Get A Thicker And Fuller Beard

The beard and mustache are men’s accessories, and are considered to be a beauty accessory, and are also a source of self-confidence in men. The lack of beard and mustache in men means a lot in the social milieu they live in. It is the symbol of manhood since ancient times, the image of mental maturity, and the reason for the appearance of a handsome  man. Many men suffer from lack of beard due to genetic factors, hormones ,  or  as a result of a specific incident that causes damage to the beard . Today, the recovery of beard and mustache has become easy after the development of technology and the emergence of beard transplant in the medical world, especially in Turkey. Beard transplant in Turkey  has developed significantly in recent years thanks to the technology used and the expertise of doctors. There are several cities of Turkey famous for the Beard Transplant , among these cities the city of Antalya. The beard transplant  in this city has developed significantly and has become a destination for many people who want to grow beard and hair.

What is the Beard Transplant?

It is based on transfering  hair follicles from the donor zone(back of head), where has no facial hair.  Facial hair transplant  provides  men  natural and permanent beard and moustache.

How is  Beard and Mustache Tranplant Performed?

After checking your donor and recipent area,  we  will  determine  whether you are good candidate for the procedure.
The process of beard transplantation begins with local anesthesia on  donor and recipient area.  Once  anesthesia completed, follicles  are  extracted one by one using FUE method.   After that, the beard is drawn respecting patients needs, and then incision will be performed.  After that  the extracted graft will be implanted  on recipient area.
The procedure  takes about  6-8 hours.  Once the procedure is completed,  patient can return hotel. No need to stay at hospital.

What are the Techniques Used in Beard Transplant?

We are using FUE method for  beard transplant

There are several benefits of FUE in beard transplant:

  • This technique helps to extract the largest number of grafts  from the donor area without involve irritation or scar.
  • The procedure traces disappear quickly after the operation.
  • Provide  high density of implantation on facial area.
  • Having completly natural looking.
  • Transplanted  beard is permanent  and there won’t be falling issue.

How Beard Grows After Beard Transplant?

Beard and Mustache transplant  does not  give a quick result after  transplantation.  There is a period of time the person must wait until the final result is obtained. The transplanted beard  grows after a week of operation and the hair can be seen after the scabs has disappeared. The implanted beard begins to fall after 10 days of the process gradually until the second month. After the third month, the implanted hair  begins to grow gradually and appears in the form of baby hair. The transplanted beard  become  thick after six months.  You get the final result arround  6-8 months after the operation.

Is Beard Transplant Painful?

The main reason for most people who are reluctant to do hair transplant  is the fear of pain that occurs in the local anesthesia stage , which  is difficult for patients who have phobia of needles. It became easy after painfree local anesthesia was developed  in the beard transplant .

This technique helps to reduce the pain in beard transplant  to 70 percent of the old method of using injection. This technique makes the beard transplant painless.

Why Should I Choose Antalya for Beard Transplant?

Beard transplant is unlike hair transplant procedure,  it requires more experince  to give natural result.  Creating  incisions  which are same characteristic  with facial hair determines  natural result.  We have dedicated techniques that is special only for beard transplant. That makes us diffrent than any other hair clinic.

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