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Fixing a Botched Hair Transplant

The popularity of hair transplant in Turkey does not mean that all hair centres are good for hair transplant. There are many people that  struggles with failed results  and they don’t lose only money also  causes  some psychological problems. There is a big competition among hair centers and especially big cities like Istanbul.  The competition affects results negatively  because  they accept even  non hair transplant candidates  and also they provide cheap envormients.  Such a places works like factory and doing quick job without respecting medical ethic.

How is Corrective Hair Transplant Perfomed?

If you  underwent one session  hair transplant and failed, you may have  a great opportunity to repair your hair up to 80%.  But if you have undergone  two sessions and failed, this opportunity is reduced  up to  60 – 50% to do correct your hair transplant.  We check first donor zone if it is still eligible for other session also BHT technique may involve if it is necessary.    The follicles are extracted very accurately at this session because it may be the patient’s final opportunity to get the satisfactory result.  We carefully spread extracted graft and try to fix unpleasant looking.

Why Do Hair Transplants Fail?

There are several reasons why hair transplantation is not successful in many people:

Competition between hospitals in major cities: There is great competition between places of hair transplant  in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, and this competition is reflected negatively on those wishing to grow hair. Many hospitals have to reduce the cost of the process in order to enter the competition, and if the cost reduction can not work with expert  team because they are high wages, so that they are using workers who have no experience, and work at cheap cost in hair transplantation. The number of competing centers also affects the patient’s thinking so that he can not choose the right place to go. The patient become a victim of cheap and inexpensive hospitals and team  and eventually gets a bad result because of lack of experience.

Non-qualified medical team  in hair transplant: The number of hair transplant workers is growing daily in Istanbul because it is a profitable business and is accepted by many customers. The increase in the number of workers leads to the emergence of new non-expert medical staff. In this case, the patient will be a place of experience for these team to learn.

After care problems: There are some cares and instruction that must be properly followed to ensure a satisfactory result. Some patients ignore this after undergoing hair transplantation and this is the beginning of a bad result.

Commercial looking  hair centres: Most hospitals consider hair transplantation to look more commercial than a medical order. This leads to neglect of the patient after taking a certain amount of it and sending it to his country after the process of hair transplantation. The patient can not get the required support from the hospital, neglects the care, and gets a bad result at the end.

How Can I Avoid The Failure Of Hair Transplant?

There are several things  you need need to make sure before taking hair transplant procedure:

  • Research well before making a hair transplant decision: A person looking for a cure for baldness in Turkey should thoroughly search for a place to perform such operations and excite temptations in services to attract customers. There is great competition in hair transplantation in major cities like Istanbul and offers these Places are tempting for customers to compete. The operation is preferred in non-crowded cities such as Antalya.
  • Psychological preparation before coming to grow hair
  • Selection of staff with high experience in hair transplantation
  • Stay away from the temptations of competing centers and hospitals.
  • Care after operation.
  • Follow up your case from the medical consultant at the hospital.
  • Follow the procedures after the operation and before the operation.

Fixing Botched Hair Transplant In Antalya

If you struggle with botched hair transplant that you have undergone in other center, don’t worry we will take care of it with our corrective hair transplant. We have experinced team which have fixed alot failed hair transplant and make them happy. Your case is reviewed here sensetively and determined best techniques in your case. We have many advanced hair transplant techniques which fits all cases.

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