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 Female Hair Loss Treatment with Hair Transplant

The hair is one of the fundamentals of beauty and perfection for people especially in women.  Hair loss  is big problem for women that  affects  confidence and  turn their life into nightmare.  Hair loss in women is sometimes linked to several factors, some of which are hereditary, some of which are hormonal, or a cause of illness that women suffer. Doctors  tried to find a solution to the lack of hair density in women, and finally reached the hair transplant to increase the densitiy  of hair in women. Hair transplantation in women is one of the most important solutions to treat male type hair loss in women. The development of technology for hair transplantation in the world and in Turkey in particular helped to find permanent solutions to the problem of hair and treatment of baldness.

How Is Female Hair Transplant Performed?

Many women want to know how hair transplantation works, because they are able to restore their  hair with this procedure permanently.  In  female hair restoration FUE method is used and also DHI implantation technique is involving.  The advantage of  DHI implantation is performing procedure unshaven.   Classic FUE requires  full shaven before starting the procedure and that makes women to hesitate take the procedure.  But DHI solves shaven problems in female hair restoration and female hair transplant surgery can be performed without shaven.
Also DHI allows surgeon to implant hair follicles without incision. This feature also provides quick recovery time unlike classic FUE

In Female hair transplant, local anesthesia  is applied and you will be awake during the procedure.  No need to stay at hospital.  You will be able to go back home or hotel right after the procedure.  Surgery duration is estimately 6-8 hours and in one day is completed.

Success Rate Of Hair Transplant in Women

Most women suffers  from hair loss or male type baldness because of  hormones, genetic factor, anxiety or pathological causes. The rate of success of the operation is very high in the case of hair loss due to a genetic factor or anxiety. Success rate same with male hair transplant.

Female Hair Restoration in Antalya

When it comes to hair loss and baldness treatment, most important things are choosing right place and also techniques.  We have been providing hair restoration service not only for men also for women. We have special techniques which is  only for women.  Female hair implantation is not perfomed same manner with men hair transplant.  We design woman hairline specially  and also we can perform procedure unshaven.  Antalya is also good for women patients which is quite and easy to manage the procedure.

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