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FUE: Radical Solution For Baldness

The history of  hair transplantation goes back to Japan on  1897.   First time hair transplant carried out  by Dr. Menahem Hodara  and he could have succeded  transfer hair follicles from one side to other side.  But the first modern hair transplant surgery for male pattern baldness was performed by Dr. Norman Orentreich in 1952 in New York City.   Hair transplantation has since developed significantly and there are alot innovations in hair restoration that has been used recently.

What Is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is based on transferring healthy hair follicles from donor zone to recipient area where balding occurs and primer donor zone is back of head but also donor  can be  chest, beard(bottom of chin)  if it is necessary.  Hair transplantation is not limited to the scalp  only, it can be performed on beard, mustacheseyebrows also on scar tissue.

How Is Hair Transplant Performed?

There are two method in  hair transplantation FUT and FUE.   FUE  the most commonly used method in hair transplantation. FUT is old school techniqes and  it is not used anymore.  Because it was leaving linear scar on donor zone also stitches were involving because in FUT procedure skin tissue is transferring to recipient area.
FUE  is based on extracting  hair follicle  (graft) one by one  from the donor zone (back of head)  and transferring it to the bald area.  The procedure begins with the use of local anesthesia  and then  the follicle extraction phase begins.  Extraction carried out by  FUE  micro-motor  or manual punch.   After  extraction is completed,  physician open  micron incisions by using special tools like sapphire knife.   Once incision phase completes,  extracted grafts are implanted by tweezers or implanter pen.  Hair transplantation is takes usually 6-8 hours and hospital staying is not required.

Things To Consider Before Having A Hair Transplant

The experience of the surgical team:  A great result in hair transplantation depends mainly on the experience of the medical team. The team must have more than five years of experience to perform successful hair transplantation, have the ability to handle all cases, and can use all techniques with high experience.

Hospital: The hair transplant should be performed in the hospital within the operating room. The hospital atmosphere provides an environment conducive to the operation and gives a positive impact on the patient’s psyche. The cleanliness of the operating room in hair transplantation is very important to the health of the patient so that no infection move from one person to another, and lead to a catastrophic error in the hair transplant and the person gets infectious disease.

Hair transplantation technique: The appropriate technique should be chosen for the condition of the person who wishes to perform the hair transplant. There are several techniques in the field of hair transplant and the choice of technology according to the person’s condition and the quality of baldness.

Do not be tempted by cheap places: You should beware of places where hair transplantation is done at very low costs. Low costs are caused by low experience in this field, and an attempt to lure patients at cheap prices because they have nothing else to offer the patient from service or experience.

Follow the basic instruction before and after hair transplantation: There are some simple instructions given to the patient by the doctor before and after the operation. You must follow these instructions to get a better result.

What Should Be Done Before Hair Transplant?

  • Stay away from the painkillers before the operation two days.
  • Do not drink alcohol a week before the hair transplant.
  • Minimize smoke as much as possible if you are a smoker.
  • Do not take aspirin pills and blood thinners before two days of the procedure.
  • Avoid drinking coffee and green tea on the day of the operation.
  • Wear a shirt on the day of the operation.

These are the most important instructions that must be followed before undergoing hair procedure.

What Diseases Do Not Qualify For Hair Transplant?

Every person has donor area is eligible can take this procedure. However, there are some diseases and conditions that can not be performed. Infectious diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS, Virus C, and HIV are the most important these cases that Hair transplantation is not performed. Hair transplantation can be performed for patients who has  blood pressure or diabetes. Diabetes does not affect the result  of hair transplantation and patient health as well as blood pressure disease does not affect the process of hair transplantation.

Why Hair Antalya?

Turkey is most popular destination for hair transplant in the world. In Turkey Istanbul is most fancy one that people choose for hair restoration. However Istanbul has big compatation about hair restoration and most of hair centres work like factory because of population. Antalya is unlike Istanbul it is more quite and non crowded place and this makes the city is best hair restoration destination. Also We have daily patient quota and we give our full concentration to our patients more than other places. We deliver customized work not autmated work. That is why our result is more natural and permanent.

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