Summer and Hair Transplant, A Match!

Hair transplant and summer might seem like a match that fell from heaven. While summer might come off a season of laziness and vacations, if you have gotten a hair transplant, all of this will go in your favor. Let us list down why?

  1. You can fit right in:

The best thing about summer is the variety of hairstyles. It might be hard to keep short hair in winters and then have the urge to cover your head because of the cold. You do not have to worry about looking odd in a crowd in summers, firstly because oh come on, it is the 21st century, and everything is fashion! And well secondly shorter hair is more of a summer style.

  1. There is no need to hide:

Everyone knows summer is the time for vacations and holidays. Well, while most people love summers just for this, another reason is that you will not need to take two weeks off and then come back with the fear of people asking questions.

  1. Elevate your head:

The healing process is straightforward and fast, but doctors recommend sleeping in a recliner and keeping your head elevated. The reason is to avoid any possible swelling, and it is easy to do this in summers because you do not need blankets for covers.

  1. Speedy recovery:

Summers is the season when your skin regeneration rate is higher than other seasons. The reason is because of a high amount of vitamin D, which helps in hair and skin healing growth.

  1. Sunburn can be your friend:

After the procedure, the flakes on your scalp come off during the healing process and may look like a pink pigmentation. The best part about summer is that people might mistake them for sunburn if you have come back from a vacation.

  1. Wear that ball cap!

Firstly, ball caps are loose and a good choice to wear right after a transplant. Summers is the best season because almost every man wears a ball cap, so do not worry, you will blend right in.