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Using Chest and Beard as Donor

The donor zone is most important part of hair transplants procedure. If you have eligble donor zone, it affects success rate of your hair transplant procedure. Back of the head (nape) is the primer donor zone for hair transplants procedure. This is where the follicles are extracted by using special tools such us micro motor or manual punch.
Some people has high level baldness and at the same time their donor zone has not plenty of hair to extract and implant required graft number. If it is the case, you may not have high hair densitiy after procedure or some region of head may stay epmty due to less graft number.
In such a cases we use BHT(body hair transplant) technique which allows us to use as secondary donor source to other body parts such as Beard(bottom of the chin) and chest hair in order to incrase implanted graft number. In these areas significant graft number can be extracted like arround 1200 – 2000 graft. This number may change depending on patiens donor zone counditon.
Chest hair is used as supplementary hair follicles and they are not implanted frontal area because the hair type is diffrent than regular hair and has poor quality. So it is spread on middle part while implanting.

Facial hair has more closer quality to primer donor zone(nape) so we are focusing first chin hair and if it is necessary we also consider chest hair.
BHT is grat option for people who has weak donor as well as complete their two session case in one session.

Also we benefit BHT technique in corrective hair transplant procedure. Because people who had failed result in other center not only lose their money also decrease their hair densitiy on back of head. In order to increase the graft number, we use BHT in such cases as well.
BHT donor zone’s recovery time quicker than back of head. When healing, nobody will recognize that you have undergone hair transplant procedure.

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