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Choi Implanter Pen Technique(DHI): 100% Natural Result!

The techniques used in hair transplantation are varied according to the condition of the person, the hospital and the doctor. There are several techniques used in hair transplantation today, and one of this technique is DHI technique (Choi Pen). DHI technique is a new method of hair transplantation that has recently been used extensively in hair restoration. This technique was invented in South Korea by a group of doctors and then spread around the world.

What is the DHI technique?

It is stands for direct hair transplant . It is pen-shaped devices, consisting of a sharp iron head, a drive from the back, and an empty body in the middle where we place grefts. This device has several heads ranging from 0.06 mm to 01.00 mm according to the size of hair follicle. The hair follicle is placed inside the device accurately and then placing into the scalp. After placing the scalp, the hair follicle is pushed to the scalp using the drive in the back. After placing the graft in the scalp, the device is pulled and the hair follicle remains in the scalp.

How is hair transplant done using DHI Technique ?

DHI helps hair transplant is done without shaving the head before the operation. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia in one day, and takes about 6-8 hours.

It takes two phases:

Stage of extraction of hair follicles: At this stage the follicles are extracted from the donor area after the local anesthesia. The follicles are placed in petri dishes that has special preservation solution inside. The process of extraction is performed using a mico motor or manual punch FUE method which helps to take grafts one by one from the back of the head without surgery or leaving a scar on donor zone. This phase takes about two hours.

The stage of hair implantation: The most important feature of the DHI technique is it does not require incision like classic technique. Extracted grafts are implanted directly. The special pen tool handles both incision and implantation. That is why it is named direct implant.

This technique has alot of advantages like quick revovery, unshaven hair transplant option, high densitiy implantation and also it is great option in density increasing hair procedure because it gives physician flexibility and prevent harming existing hair because no incision involves.

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