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What is a Manual Punch?

Manual punch is an original FUE instrument: a circular hollow scalpel with a diameter of 0.7 to 1.0 millimeters. This instrument is used for harvesting grafts from donor sites.

This is the most effective and sophisticated harvesting technique in the FUE method.

How FUE Surgery is  Performed via Manual Punch?

The Physician rotates the punch back and forth between the thumb and forefinger, while applying pressure to the donor zone. Once the desired depth is reached, the graft is gently extracted using forceps.

What Makes Manual Punch the Best Harvesting Technique?

Better Control And High Graft Survival Rates.
Physicians can manually feel tissue resistance and the angle of the graft during the procedure because the manual tool provides physician good feedback from tissue. Extracted grafts become healthier and have greater survival rates.

Decrease Follicular Damage and Transections
Manual extraction decreases follicular damage associated with heat, torsion, and friction created by motorized devices. Manual extraction also prevents transections which motorized tools create due to stable axis at which the punch spins.

Provides quicker recovery time and prevents thinning donor site issues.
With manual punch, the physician can work with the donor zone much more gently, so there is less irritation at the donor site. One graft can contain two, three, or four hairs. With  manual extraction, physicians can take only one hair of the graft and leave other hairs on donor. This flexibility prevents donor site thinning issues, with which motorized extraction is associated.

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