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High Graft Number In One Session

Hair transplantation procedure has three stages: extraction, incision and implantation.  The extraction stage is  important part of hair transplant procedure  and that determines  how many hair follicles will be implanted in session.  Extraction means  harvesting hair follicles (graft) from doner zone.  In FUE method  hair follicles  are exctrated one by one.  There are two extraction technique in FUE hair transplant procedure  which are motorized and manual.   The techniques  have  their own  pros and cons.   Motorized extraction is  used widely in the world  that because it gives high number graft extraction in one session  and it shorts session duration time.

What is the Micro Motor Extraction?

This is a electrical device that has speed adjustable motor and  small punch on it. The punch sizes are changed  depending on patients hair follicles.  The punch rotates arround hair follicals and then cut with punch  as circle shape.  After that the punched grafts are collected by tweezers gently.

What are the  Advantages of the FUE Motorized Extraction?

  • It helps to extract the largest number of follicles in one session, and sometimes up to 5500 hair follicles if the donor area is eligible for that.
  • The phase is performed without cutting or surgical cuts during operation.
  • Do not leaves scar on donor zone. This is the depends on expert skills actually.
  • It allows to extract graft also from other donor zones like chest and chin.
  • If you need two session, it can merge to session in one session. It is so suitable for mega sesions cases.
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