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Virtually Painless Hair Transplant Experience

The stage of anesthesia in hair transplantation is the primary stage. The injection was used in traditional methods of hair transplantation and this is causing concern and fear for many of those who want to transplant  beard or hair. The number of injections used in conventional methods in anesthesia is sometimes up to 40 syringes in some people, and this number is too large to cause a pain to the patient. The percentage of pain during the process of hair transplant varies according to the body, and the patient suffers a high rate of severe pain during the process because of the patient’s psychology and phobia of injections. The technique of painless  hair transplantation has launched Turkey in this area ,and  it has become one of the most common techniques used in hair transplantation.

How Does Painfree Anesthesia Works  in Hair Transplant?

This technique is designed by a device to provide patients with psychological comfort and relieve pain to a low percentage. This technique consists of three sections:

Head of device: It has very small needles that can not be seen unless carefully considered. These needles contain small channels that allow the liquid to exit when the device is used. These needles are surrounded by a circular bottle holding the air when pressed.

Body of the device: This body contains ampoules, put on the anesthetic to be used.

Motivation: Located at the back of the painless anesthesia tool . This section contains a drive that presses on the liquid in the body of the device to send it to the head. This method benefits from air pressure.

The painless anesthesia device  injects the anesthetic fluid under the scalp through small pores that are opened by the small needles in the head of the device. The head of the device is placed in the scalp, the air is trapped in the area by pressure, and then the propulsion is used to push the fluid in the middle and move the needles in the head of the device. The needles open the small pores in the scalp and the fluid moves from the channels into the pores And spread under the scalp.

The Role of Anesthesia Without Pain in Hair Transplant

This method facilitated hair transplantation and increased the number of hair transplantation in Turkey without fear or hesitation. Phobia is very common among people and this phobia is a factor that has affected the treatment of baldness in Turkey, but after the introduction of this technique to use, treatment of baldness can be possible in an easy way. Is hair transplant painful? This was the first question is asked by  people who wanted to grow hair and treat baldness, but after this method of hair transplant without pain, this question has disappeared from the world of hair transplantation. This technique also increased women’s demand for hair transplantation because they were more afraid of pain than men, and it was also simple for them to get more intense hair.

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