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Faster Recovery With The Sapphire Technique

Hair transplant procedure is consist of three different stages which are exraction, canalizing and implantation. Canalizing stage based on creating small incisions with steel tool and after that implantation is done respecting the incisions. This phase determines if you will have natural result. If the incisions are not done properly, you may have pluggy-looking and unsatisfied result. That is why canalizing phase important part of the hair transplant procedure.
Sapphire is a special tool that helps to create stable incisions that improves result. Unlike steel tool, Sapphire knife is a made of precious stone that has alot of benefit in canalizing phase.

Sapphire tool is designed to open smaller micro slits in the recipient area (meaning high density implanting), minimal scabbing and a fast recovery process.
Due to their antibacterial properties, perfectly smooth surfaces, stiffness, sharpness and durability, Sapphire slitting tools minimize trauma and tissue damage.

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