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What is Unshaven Hair Transplant?

In FUE method, it requires  to shave hair before start to hair transplant procedure.  Thanks  to  Unshaven  technique(U-FUE)   now  it is no longer necessary to shave hair fully. This is good news for women because they hesitate to take hair transplant procedure that because.
As a usual  hair transplant procedure, after anesthesia, the follicles are extracted  one by one from the back of the head using a FUE method  and implant hair directly by using choi pen tool without canalizing.  The special pen is loaded  with extracted grafts  and placed into non shaved area without damaging exisiting hair.  This technique is offered  also for  increasing hair density as well.
The procedure takes about 6 -8.  No need to stay at hospital after the procedure.  With unshaven technique, you can continue your routine without any break.

What are the Advantages of Hair Transplant Without Shaving?

Increased Hair Density:  In the classic FUE techniqe, it is risky to implant hair next by exisitng hair  for increasing hair densitiy. Because in classic FUE  canalizing must be done before implantation and it may harm your exisiting hair root while canalizing.  This was the common problem  in densitiy increasing hair transplant procedure. But with choi pen no need to do canalizing.  Hair is implanted directly  without canalizing. Thus this is great technique in hair densitiy increasing.

Quick Recovery Time:   In this technique, recovery time quicker than classic technique because there is no canalizing. The special tool create incision while implanting and  incision is so minimal that because.   Bleeding  and after  scabbing  are minimal.

Shorten the  Preservation Time of the Graft:   In Classic FUE,  extracted grafts are preserved in special  petri dishes  until completing incision phase.  Since there is no incision  in this technique, graft preservation time less than classic technique.  This is good for graft survival.

You Can Return Back Your Daily Routine Quickly:  After U-FUE  procedure,  you can  hide your hair procedure more  easily  and nobody will notice that you had this procedure.  This allows you to return back your work quicker. Because you wont have fully shaved hair as classic FUE.

Great Technique For Female Hair Procedure : This technique  allows  to  undergo  hair transplant procedure and increase hair density without shaving.  As you know  women’s hair takes a long time to grow  a certain length, but in this technique  we don’t  touch their existing hair but implanting more hair.

Is Unshaven Hair Transplant Successful?

FUE  technique   allows  to perform hair transplant procedure a  without shaven.  Also  it preserves the old hair and helps to grow new hair.  That  increases hair density without hairming old hair.  There is no big difference between shaving  and non shaving hair transplant.  The only difference is performing  hair procedure as  unshaved.

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